The AW’15 collection is the answer to the call of the great Urban Outdoors, which follows the Wanderlust to taste the heady flavours of Global Fusion and ventures out into the Maritime depths of the Native Blues, all the while exploring the world of Modern Etiquette.
Inspired by the verdant vineyard regions of the world the collection is a medley of modern print designs crafted on the canvas of lush linens and rich oxfords to exude timeless luxury.
A blend of rugged durability and suave city slickness in equal measure, the collection adapts to the great wilderness just as well it does to the urban outdoors. Worn on the trail or on a pub crawl, it is always perfect.
Truly stylish and comfortable, the bright floral prints, vibrant linens and rugged oxfords of this collection are a natural choice for the future fashionable crowds.