Sculling, One moment of perfection following another.
The crossed oars represent a lifestyle and the choices that come with it.
Scullers is timeless: embracing the old as well as it does the new. It is stylish without being flashy. Elegant without being sombre. Sophisticated without being uptight. The color orange is at the core of the Scullers persona. And just as orange is mix of two colors, Scullers appropriately finds expressions in men, women and tweens, close knit groups and the coming together of the individuals.
A perennial seeker, the Scullers persona refuses to be hemmed in by the confines of the cubicle firm in the belief that succeeding at the work is not the same as succeeding at life, these are individuals constantly on the lookout for new sights, scenes and experiences.
A celebration of optimism and new beginnings, Scullers is for those who celebrate life.